About OneBanx

May 3, 2022

OneBanx has developed a range of ways that personal and small business customers in financially-excluded communities can continue to access to face-to-face banking services including fully staffed low-cost, pop-up kiosks which can be located in shopping centres, railway stations and supermarkets, and smart ATMs more suitable for convenience stores and tube stations. The kiosks – along with OneBanxs smart ATMs - are designed to operate in locations such as supermarkets, shopping malls and railways stations, providing a safe, friendly environment where customers of any bank can withdraw or deposit notes and coins, and pay bills free of charge.

Personal and SME customers

We offer kiosks, branches and smart ATMs in convenient locations where you can carry out everyday banking services such as cash withdrawals, deposits (notes and coins) and bill payments, whoever you bank with.  Our staff are highly trained and will offer you the support you need to complete your transactions, including helping you if you have not previously used your own bank’s online banking services. You can sign up with us easily by downloading our app if you have a smartphone or by turning up at one of our sites with your bank’s details and a form of ID (a driving licence or passport is best). Once you have our app and/or have signed up to your own bank’s online banking, you will not need to use your bank card. Our services are free to you. Find out where your nearest OneBanx-operated branch or kiosk is by clicking here.

OneBanx app available on both App and Google Play Store 

Banks, building societies and investors: OneBanx has 3 core propositions

  1. a flexible range of physical deployment options from intelligent ATMs, through kiosk to multi-bank branches which can be deployed: 1) By OneBanx independently of the underlying banks where space owners (e.g. supermarkets) are willing to pay for the solution to be deployed; 2) By the banks acting collectively where the case for shared infrastructure is agreed or directed by LINK 3) By any individual bank seeking a flexible low cost alternative to a dedicated branch for e.g. customer acquisition and product sale purposes;
  2. a technology solution enabling seamless connectivity for all customers of all banks via a single platform without the need for any individual bank intervention. This cloud based platform enables secure cash deposit, cash withdrawals and bill payments. Likely to be commissioned by OpCo acting on behalf of the main banks who have come together to commission shared infrastructure, individual banks / building societies / location owners / ATM deployers seeking to facilitate  transaction services to all customers of all banks outside existing payment rails.
  3. an app which allows customers to aggregate on their smart phone all their banking relationships and accounts in a single, functional view  and to identify themselves and access a number of services at OneBanx enabled facilities. This aggregation service is currently intended to be free of charge to customers.

The growing difficulty customers are experiencing in accessing everyday banking services is a major issue for the banking industry and society as a whole.

Survey after survey highlights the frustration ordinary customers are feeling because of the growing difficulty finding a branch or an ATM which are still regarded as essential even by those who are using online for the majority of their banking needs.

That is without taking into account those who either lack the skills or the confidence to entrust the majority of their banking needs to online or digital channels alone.

OneBanx kiosk in Denny, Scotland

One of the UK’s largest retail bank points to a hard core of 30% of its retail banking customers who have never accessed their online banking services – and this number has not changed since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Not only do banks worry about how they will serve such customers as they shrink their branch networks but the UK Government has identified this as a priority issue and is looking at whether legislation is necessary to force banks to maintain provision.

The UK banking industry has recognised that this is an important issue and has agreed on the need to invest in shared banking infrastructure in order to maintain face-to-face banking services in locations where branches are to be closed.

Not only has OneBanx led the debate about the need for shared banking infrastructure to support communities which have lost or are losing their banks, but also its kiosk and other formats offer  an effective way of delivering the kind of provision that these communities desperately want and need.

OneBanx Kiosk

OneBanx can deploy flexibly and at low cost, whether through an intelligent ATM, a manned kiosk in a central community location or a full-service branch where space can be reserved for individual bank personnel to serve their customers directly either in person or via secure video-link.

OneBanxs’ technology platform can also power other potential providers of infrastructure, including the traditional ATM operators who integrate with the banks through LINK.  OneBanx’s technology is built on top of  the banks’ Faster Payments platform. This offers significant advantages both for customers and their banks, compared to accessing LINK-enabled ATMs via the traditional card-based chip and pin system. Thanks to its proprietary technology, its customer onboarding processes are fully compliant with all banks’ regulatory obligations including Know Your Customer, (KYC) and Anti Money Launder (AML), providing additional comfort to banks and customers alike.

OneBanx is well positioned to be the leading provider of shared banking infrastructure, thanks to its ability to provide  customers, banks and other potential operators with a safe, secure and fully flexible environment in which to access all of the key services of a fully functioning bank branch at a fraction of the cost.

Note: Some pictures include kiosks with our old name which has recently been changed to OneBanx

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