Leading global technology group GLORY to become cornerstone investor in OneBanx

News Aug 18, 2021

Leading global technology group GLORY to become cornerstone investor in UK-based shared bank branch innovator OneBanx

  • Glory invests in OneBanx to acquire a significant minority stake
  • Investment will underpin OneBanx’ ambitions to play a leading role in the delivery of everyday banking services in the UK
  • Javed Anjum to join OneBanx’ Board of Directors as designated representative of Glory
  • Jonathan Hughes to become Executive Chairman of OneBanx

August 18, 2021

GLORY LTD. (TYO: 6457), a global leader in cash technology solutions to the financial, retail and quick service restaurant industries, today announced that it will become the cornerstone investor in OneBanx, the shared branch banking innovator, as part of a Series A funding round in support of OneBanx’ ambition to become a leading infrastructure player in the provision of everyday banking services. OneBanx has previously secured capital from ‘angel’ backers including Rupert Pennant-Rea, former deputy governor of the Bank of England, and Baroness Bottomley, the former Conservative cabinet minister.

On completion of the transaction, Glory will become the lead external investor with a significant minority of the enlarged capital and Javed Anjum, Glory’s head of Software Strategy & Innovation will join the OneBanx Board of Directors. Anjum has over 20 years of global experience in banking technology solutions with a specific focus on helping drive the evolution of retail bank branches.

Also on completion, Jonathan Hughes, serial entrepreneur and investor in the fintech sector, will assume the role of Executive Chairman of OneBanx. Hughes has over 25 years’ experience in financial services and brings an enormous fund of experience to OneBanx, having previously been part of the team that turned around Worldpay whilst it was under private equity ownership, led the creation of Tyl by NatWest, co-founded Pollinate International, and was a Partner at Bain & Company.

Glory’s commitment, together with additional funds being raised from existing investors, will underpin OneBanx’ ambitions to become a leading player in the delivery of everyday banking services, filling the gap being created in the UK market by the progressive withdrawal from the High Street of the mainstream banks. Following the completion of the current trial of its innovative shared branch kiosk formats in three locations this year, OneBanx intends to begin full UK nationwide roll-out, expanding to 15 locations by the end of 2022 and 150 by 2025.

Using the recently introduced Open Banking standards, OneBanx has developed proprietary technology that enables multiple banks to offer services from a single physical location at

significantly lower cost than a traditional branch. Participating banks’ customers – both personal and small business – have free access to multiple transaction types all supported by a member of the OneBanx team who is recruited from the local community.

Toshimitsu Yoshinari, Chief Solutions Officer at Glory Global Solutions, said “We have many decades of experience helping banks transform their physical branch networks using the latest technologies in response to changing consumer expectations. The mass adoption of mobile and online channels has fundamentally changed the economics of branch banking across the UK and other countries and yet consumers still value, and in many cases need, convenient access to face-to-face banking services. We are delighted to be making this investment in OneBanx as they seek to introduce, in partnership with the major UK banks, their new open banking-enabled approach to providing this service to communities across the UK through shared branches.”

Duncan Cockburn, Founder and CEO of OneBanx, said: “We see a huge opportunity for us as an independent player enabling an efficient service model which will allow banks to offer better basic banking facilities in communities where they are needed. To have a leading global provider of banking technology solutions for the financial industry buying in so enthusiastically into our vision is immensely valuable - particularly at this stage in our development. Access to cash and the need for human interaction are still highly valued by many in our communities. We look forward to working together with our new partners to ensure that our concept of shared branch banking gains the widespread adoption to which we aspire.”

Jonathan Hughes, Executive Chairman elect of OneBanx, commented: “OneBanx is a fantastic concept, and ensuring that communities nationwide are still able to do their banking in-person is so important for financial inclusion. I am honoured to have been asked to come on board as chairman and am looking forward to helping Duncan and the team move forward on to the next exciting stage.”

For more information contact:


Paul Race
Vice President, Strategic Marketing: paul.race@glory-global.com, +44 7887 052366


Andrew Garfield: + 44 7974 982337 Jason Nisse: + 44 7769 688618


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About OneBanx

OneBanx, the future of high street banking, offers an innovative way to meet to the growing need for banks to continue to offer face-to-face human access to their services in an affordable way, alongside their online and smartphone-based apps. OneBanx has developed a low cost, pop up kiosk format which provides face-to-face banking services on behalf of multiple banks and financial services clients. It is supported by Open Banking technology which enables customers to access a range of banking services provided by their own bank in a secure, user-friendly way. As a shared facility, the cost of operation is designed to be split between multiple financial institutions, and is configured in a way that facilitates quick and easy assembly, enabling rapid set up in high footfall locations such as shopping malls, petrol stations, bus or railway termini and convenience stores.

The kiosks are designed to be open seven days a week and offer longer opening hours, better economics and greater security than existing alternatives to conventional branch networks. The format is equally suitable for personal and small business customers. The use of OneBanx kiosks is intended to be free to customers, the cost being borne by participating banks.

Learn more about OneBanx at www.onebanx.com.

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