Pay a bill using cash

Help Aug 6, 2021

OneBanx is a convenient place to pay your bills, and you can pay cash if you wish. Whether you bank online or not we can help you get your bills paid easily.

We understand that online banking may not be for everyone; for many people, online banking may seem totally alien to everything they’re used to doing with their everyday banking. We get that.

That’s why at OneBanx, we cater to everyone.

If you bank online, then you can deposit and withdraw cash and coins, pay bills and see all of your accounts at a glance via our app.

If you’re not online, then you can still pay bills and deposit cash and coins into your account. If you want to find out more about banking online and accessing our full range of local banking services, or just have some questions about how to get started, then just pop into your local kiosk and have a chat with a friendly member of our team to see what we can do for you.

How to pay a bill at the kiosk

  1. Select the 'Pay a bill' transaction from the ATM tab on the screen.

2.  Fill out the payee details as instructed or choose from a recent payee.

3.  Input your total bill amount.

4. If you have online banking set up you can choose to pay from one of your linked accounts, otherwise you can give the required amount of cash to the teller.

5. Lastly you will be asked to review and authorise your payment and receive any change if required.

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