Shared branch banking innovator renames itself OneBanx

News Aug 19, 2022

The shared branch banking innovator changing the way customers can deal with their banks has today announced it is changing its name to OneBanx. This is an evolution of the company’s name and brand, demonstrating how personal and business customers of any bank using Open Banking can access everyday banking services at a time and place that is convenient to them.

OneBanx was launched in 2020 to address the challenges faced by communities where bank branches are being withdrawn. It provides bank-agnostic in-branch services - such as cash withdrawals, deposits, payments, and face-to-face support - for people and SMEs in communities where traditional brick and mortar branches have disappeared.

OneBanx currently operates three pilot kiosks in Co-op supermarkets in Scottish towns where there are no bank branches, offering local customers and businesses access to a range of vital everyday banking services, and recently partnered with TSB and Glory, the global leader in cash automation solutions, to trial a new access to cash hub in Nottingham. Other partnerships are in development and will be rolled out in the next few months.

Having showcased these innovations, OneBanx expects to participate in a tender process for a larger roll out of banking hubs for the major UK banks due to take place later this year.

Duncan Cockburn, chief executive of OneBanx, said: "Since we launched the company we have been working hard to find a brand name which explains the concept of providing everyday services in one location for customers of all banks, without implying that we are a bank ourselves. Our new name, OneBanx, clearly articulates that vision and gives us a great platform for future growth."

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